Shopper Feedback: Supporting Listings, Driving Social

Most FMCG brand managers would love to get inside the minds of their consumers before the business negotiates listings with the mults and to have great customer feedback to drive their social media activity. This is exactly what the Shopper Feedback tool in our Product Discovery app, Shopmium provides – not that we realised the true value of this at launch!

It turns out that we’re not the first to underestimate the value of a mobile tool to customers. When the first mobile phone networks were rolled out, operators introduced text-based communications as an aid to their engineers in the field – but it didn’t occur to them that this might have value to consumers and so it simply wasn’t promoted. It was only when teenagers discovered the capability and started using it as an alternative to expensive voice calls that the texting craze was born – and today it is an essential part of all our lives.

From ‘Nice-to-Have’ to ‘Must-Have’

Shopmium was created to encourage consumers to try products they most probably hadn’t bought before and to encourage them to purchase with an exclusive offer. The shopper feedback function that was initially only included as a ‘nice-to-have’ has turned out to be a ‘must-have’.
Many consumers – particularly those trying out new products – love to share their experiences with their friends and family; and this feature has proved enormously popular with users. In fact, around half of all those using Shopmium provide ratings and reviews for the products they have bought. For example, Oppo’s premium, low-calorie ice cream is getting rave reviews – and this kind of feedback is marketing gold dust for Oppo and the other brands using the platform.

Oppo Shopper Reviews

I’m Listing

My previous blog talked about using brand discovery as a pick-me-up for sales ahead of listings reviews but customer feedback also has a role to play here. Brands featured on the app see huge value in being able to use comments from real people that have gone into the store to buy their product – it’s an additional tool they have at their disposal in their negotiations with retailers.
This feedback can improve their position if they are trying to preserve their listing; or to help them make their case for being stocked by a different retailer.

Getting Social

Word-of-mouth promotion is the most powerful of sales tools and, in fact, Nielsen has found that social media postings are the fastest growing source of product information, increasing by 11% in 2015 . So, it’s easy to see how Oppo might use a review like, “Love this Ice Cream. So tasty and low in calories :)” as part of their social media outreach, helping them to build a buzz around their product and drive sales.

(Feed)Back for Good

The majority of FMCG purchases take place in-store and therefore off-line – and getting direct feedback from customers is often difficult: L’Oréal have just made a significant investment in customer review technology to overcome this very problem! For a much more modest investment, Shopmium allows brands to get substantial feedback from consumers within a few days of launch; so, while it’s unlikely that brand discovery apps will achieve the ubiquity of texting (although we can but hope!), the value they deliver to brands may ensure that they do go on to become something of a phenomenon.

Quotient Technology (formerly is a leading digital promotions and media platform that connects FMCG brands, retailers and consumers. We have recently launched Shopmium in the UK, a mobile-first proposition that enables FMCG brands to win on mobile. Give me a call on +44 (0) 208 865 1999 or send an email to

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