Rate Of Sale Reviews – How To Avoid Death By Delisting

Losing a listing at a large retailer can be the kiss of death for a brand yet, for some, this will be the inevitable outcome of Rate of Sale reviews. Brands seeking a boost to ensure they retain their listing now have a new weapon in their armoury.

Listing reviews have become increasingly important to retailers as they respond to low-cost competition by reducing the number of SKUs stocked – and even products from household names like Carlsberg, Ribena and Capri-Sun have recently disappeared from some supermarket shelves. Many retailers will soon be running their six-month Rate of Sale reviews, doubtless causing sleepless nights for many brand teams: what can you do to provide a consistent boost to your sales figures and maintain purchase & customer acquisition, as well as brand engagement goals?

Option #1 More of the same

You can boost your investment in existing marketing activities with little in the way of advance warning– you can buy more TV spots or up your spend on digital and social ads. You can also run new press ads at pretty late notice, or sign off on certain kinds of PR tactics (such as news hi-jacking). But it’s too late to run a lot of the activities – sampling campaigns or competitions, for example – that could give a timely boost to consumer demand.

More importantly, is simply doing more of the same enough to deliver the results you need, impress the mults at the review and justify your worth? And do you have the mechanisms in place to prove – in near real-time – the impact that these activities are having on in-store sales? If the answer to these questions is, ‘no’, then you might be interested in…

Becks Geolocation on Shopmium

Option #2 Invest in using a new mobile media platform that delivers guaranteed in-store sales!

There is a new option for brands, one that seemingly waves a magic wand and delivers against all the review criteria – it (measurably) drives in-store sales, delivers the brand media message & provides data that demonstrates increased footfall and also ticks the marketing innovation box.

Shopmium is our new product discovery app which provides brands with a channel to reach a ready-made, opted-in mobile audience that is keen to find out about brands and products they don’t currently buy. Shopmium engages its consumers with high-quality content and invites them to try your product using an exclusive offer – and even tells them the location of their nearest store / stockist – and aisle – where your product can be found. Vitally, Shopmium guarantees brands an agreed number of measurable product sales and consumer engagements, with an extremely high likelihood for the consumer to re-purchase.

So, if you think your products could benefit from additional reach and guaranteed new customer acquisition then get in touch to find out more about Shopmium.

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