How Danone Dairy UK Is Gathering Sources Of Transactional First Party Data

Interview With Jeremy Depauw, PhD, CRM Manager, Danone UK

Q: Firstly, Jeremy, Can You Give Us Some Background To Danone Dairy In The UK?

Danone is the largest dairy company in the world operating in 140 countries. It has been established in the UK for over 20 years, selling household brands such as Activia, Actimel and Shape.

A key challenge for the business is to sustainably grow the UK dairy business. On this journey, part of our strategy is to deliver tailored offers and unique value to our customers in the UK. Ultimately, we wanted our UK customers to feel that choosing Danone is choosing brands that care for you.

 Q: So What Approach Did Danone Dairy Decide To Take? 

We identified a CRM strategy as a key lever for achieving our goals. We believed that an eCRM strategy would help us leverage the massive potential that digital has to offer – in terms of consumer experience, content and service. Crucially, a strong eCRM strategy would give us the ability to capture our own first party data, letting us communicate directly with consumers and personalise our messages.

 Q: Why Did You Decide To Include Coupons In Your eCRM?

We were looking for a solution that would let us deliver ‘added value’ to our customers. With digital printable coupons, we would be able to reach out to customers directly with great offers and coupons. We see, for example, that the members of our CRM who use coupons are 3 times more loyal and engaged with our brands than those who don’t use them.[1]

 Q: Why Is Data-Driven Marketing So Important?

We felt that for an FMCG company such as ourselves, but also businesses in general, data-driven marketing was a key capability that we needed to crack. We knew we wanted to increase the proportion of our marcomms that were personalised and automated, and triggered by the actions of the consumer, but we had to somehow address the issue of ‘how’ we would get the type of data that would inform such automation.

For FMCGs like us, the consumer data that is normally available to us only gives us a limited view of the consumer journey, and provides only limited opportunities for personalisation and automation. For example, email opens and link clicks. By adding coupons to eCRM programmes, we could have much improved visibility of our customers’ journeys. Mixing data from ‘coupon interactions’ with our usual data sources has provided useful opportunities for customer segmentation based on behavioural triggers.

It is these kinds of behavioural insights that make a real difference to our ability to tailor our messages and offers to different types of consumer – and to make our eCRM and segmentation strategy more effective. As you can imagine, as FMCG marketers we are always faced with the challenge of not having direct access to our own data, so being able to see that a consumer has printed or redeemed a coupon is about as close as we can get in terms of ‘conversion’ or ‘purchase’ data. This is of real business value to us.

 Q: What Value Have Coupons Delivered For Danone?

Working with Quotient has added value to the business by providing us with a valuable source of first party data – and having prints and redemptions as an ‘interaction’ we can track has made a real impact on our operation model.

In the 2 years that the programme has been running, we have distributed hundreds of thousands of coupons to our UK customers, and have been tracking and measuring the value that a coupon can add:

  • A customer who is in our CRM database, and who is a coupon user, is two times more valuable to the business as someone who is in our database but does not use coupons.
  • A customer who is in our CRM database, and who is a coupon user, is three times as valuable to the business as someone who is neither in the database nor uses coupons.

[1] We use Dunnhumby as partner for studying the impact of our CRM activities on our customers.

Quotient Technology Limited (formerly Limited) are a leading European provider of digital coupon solutions. We help FMCG brands & retailers engage with consumers. Are you interested in finding out more about using coupons to gather first party data?  Give us a call on T 44 (0) 208-865-1999 or send us an email via

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